Double Wall Brown Cardboard Boxes


  • Each Pack Includes 10 Boxes.
  • You can select Number of Packs on your cart page.
  • You canĀ  send us customĀ  designs for printing on your Boxes.
  • You can contact/correspond/inquire from us via email, WhatsApp message, or call.


Strong high quality double wall cardboard boxes available in brown and white kraft outer paper. Wide choice of sizes perfect for heavier items where additional protection is important. Made from FSC accredited papers, all our cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.


Dimensions N/A
Select DW-Brown-CB Size

4x4x10, 6x6x19.5, 6x6x39.5, 7x7x7, 9x9x9, 11x11x5.5, 12x8x15.75, 12x9x9, 12x9x12, 12x12x6, 12x12x12, 13x13x8, 13x9x11, 14x10x7, 14x14x17, 15x13x12, 15x15x9, 15.2x14x22, 16x16x10, 17x13x13.5, 17x13x6.6, 18x12x12, 18x18x12, 18x18x18, 19x13x13.5, 19x14x2, 19x15x7, 20x20x20, 20.5×20.5×5.5, 22.5x18x15.5, 23x23x9, 23x15x7, 24x18x18, 25×14.5×11, 27x15x14.5, 28.75×14.5×7.5, 30x18x18, 30x20x20


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