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Have you made a decision to construct a brand new home? It isn’t a smooth venture in which several facts and making plans is wanted earlier than you could begin a procedure. There is continually settled the finance, and those need to control all of the matters inside that. You need to initiate thorough research of market rates of all the products and it won’t take much time. 

This article could be very useful to discover the prices of construction cost throughout Pakistan. It could be very vital to get the facts concerning the construction process.

The expenses of substances are distinctive when the satisfaction-level and demand vary. If you pick out excellent material then, of course, the rate could be high. If you pick out casual or low quality then you want to pay accordingly. Your precedence must be appropriate so one can have greater ease in completing your desired work at a non-varying cost. You can also leave all this struggle behind and hire a construction company for the purpose. Let’s estimate the value of construction material if you want to go on this adventure after all. 

Construction Cost Islamabad
Construction Cost Islamabad – Construction Company

Your Plot Size in Islamabad!

you will pick everything as per the size of your property. Try not to depend totally on workers who are associated with the development of your home. You have to choose all as per the necessities and prerequisites of your property size. The workers aren’t trustworthy and capable enough in these issues as others are very little worried about your financial plan. You need to think about without help from anyone else. The expense and material would be concluded by the sort and size of your property.

The Construction Cost reaches around 28,00,000 per 5 Marla.

House Construction Cost

Grey Structure of a building is all that we need to construct for safety and strength.

Tri Axis never compromises over the quality of materials used for the construction of Grey Structure.

We suggest our clients the best available material. However, we still take into account the cost-effectiveness of the project. We must achieve strength at a reasonable cost, so everyone can bear the cost of a strong & safe place to live and enjoy the life.

Steel, and concrete are two basic materials for the strength of any Grey Structure. We use them in correct proportions and quantity.

The field of Construction industry is vast and versatile. The quality of workmanship, material, and services define the cost of construction.
However, for your indication normal quality construction costs something like the rates below.

*Grey Structure: *
Normal Quality
With Material - 1400 rupees per sft
Medium Quality
With Material - 1600 rupees per sft
Upper-Medium Quality
With Material - 2200 rupees per sft
High Quality (A class)
With Material - 2800 rupees per sft
High Quality (B Class)
With Material - 3200 rupees per sft
High Quality (C Class)
With Material - 3600+ rupees per sft
High Quality (D Class)
With Material - 4000-5000 rupees per sft

Tiles Prices 

In highly luxurious construction you need a high and top material. The quality tiles for this type of construction are 2500 to 3000 Rs. per sqm and bathroom tiles are 3500 Rs per sqm. If we come one step down then we will fall in a category of less but not a low-quality material. It is also good and luxurious but low than the first quality. The tile prices in this type are 1800 Rs per sqm while the bathroom tiles are 2200 Rs. Per sqm. Then comes another category which is low then the both mentioned before. Here the prices of tiles are low then the other two categories. Here the tiles rate is 1600 Rs. Per sqm while the bathroom tiles are 1800 Rs. Per sqm.

Rates of Cement

It is a very important and basic element during the construction. We will consider the price according to 50 KG bag then the price is 590 Rs. Per bag. The price may increase in the coming time. 

Rates of Bricks

You cannot make a home without bricks. The market price of grade 1 bricks is 800 to 1000 Rs. which may change time to time. 

Rates of Steel 

Steel is used crucially and very much in the different places and it gives a strong effect to home or a building. It has to be very good in quality. The market rate of steel is 86,000 Rs. Per Ton. 

Rates of Sand 

Who can deny the importance of sand while making a home? It is a very important element and its market rate is different. It is usually available in the range of 3200 to 4500 Rs. Per trolley. 

Construction Cost Islamabad – 5,10,20 Marla

Normal construction costs are as below:

  • Construction Cost Islamabad – 5 Marla = 28,00,000
  • Construction Cost Islamabad – 10 Marla = 56,00,000 – 60,00,000
  • Construction Cost Islamabad – 20 Marla = 1,12,00,000 – 13,00,00,000

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